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This morning, on the way to work, I encountered a homeless man standing on the side of the road. He held a sign that read “I need something to eat…please help me.” What intrigued me about the sign was that the word “need” was actually written in small letters above another word that had been…


This man made a reservation for 2 and he was there at the table first. Sitting there all alone, I walked up to him and greeted myself. He had a smirk-grin on his face the entire time I was explaining the menu to him. He looked all over the restaurant still smiling. He didn’t seem to pay any…


The dragon trainer posters now includes Snotlout! Who do you think will be on the final dragon character poster?

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I’ve been such a clutz! Yes, I know that’s what I am on a daily basis, but lately I’ve been a super noob and forgetting/losing everything ): I lost my lock, found it and lost it again, credit card, broke my id in half, kept leaving my keys in my room, and then today i left all my linear alg notes…

Deadliest Catch…..Teresa edition (Taken with GifBoom)

Here are the pictures you took on Kim’s ipod (Taken with GifBoom)


*Leaked* taylor swift singing trouble in her hotel room (no autotune!!!)

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α·Pav | 永遠なる夏 

Close your eyes and listen with headphones

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